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Re: 13 Satellite are amateur satellites

>>> "hans" <hans@intekom.co.za> 06/01/06 7:54 PM >>>
>These are strictly speaking not amateur satellites but cubesats 
>built by Universities in the USA and elsewhere in the world. 

I think there might be a better way to say it.  I think maybe what
was intended was something like this:

"These amateur satellites are not the typical communications
transponder satellites that the amateur radio community is
accustomed to, but are experimental amateur satellites called
cubesats built by students at universities..."

I think that wording is better suited to welcoming these
student experiments and experimenters into the Amateur 
Satellite Service.  By nurturing these groups and mentoring
them to experiment with communications transponders, we
should be able to benefit from their future projects.

Just a thought.
de WB4APR, Bob
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