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Re: Working my first sats

Stephen, I'm fairly new to satellites also. But so far I've had great  
success working through VO-52 with simple antennas. My 435 antenna is  
an FM vertical. For several months, I used an HF dipole to receive on  
2 meters! While certainly not great, it did work. Yesterday I put up  
a Moxon for 2 meters and it greatly improved my receiving. If you're  
interested in that antenna there is an article in the November 2001 QST.
I'm going to put up a couple of yagis soon. My az-el rotators are the  
cheap U-110's that are available from Norm's Rotator service.  I  
don't think you can go any cheaper!
Hope to see you on the birds.
Carl K8NU

On Jun 1, 2006, at 10:04 AM, Stephen Brown Jr wrote:

> Hi all,
>      I am new to satellite operation and have quite a few questions.

Carl Yaffey  O----'-::  K8NU
Yaffey Music Services: banjo/guitar/bass/mandolin lessons, recording  
carl_yaffeyADDED_TO_STOP_SPAM@yahoo.com, 614 268 6353, Columbus OH
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