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RE: Re:13 Amateur Satellites to Launch in June

Hi Domenico

> Indeed beginning from OSCAR-1 all amateur satellites carrying linear
> transponders for CW and SSB communications to fill the above bands

I don't believe either OSCAR-1 or OSCAR-II had any transponders on board.

> following the IARU recommendations where built by AMSAT-NA , 
> AMSAT-DL, JAMSAT in Japan , AMSAT-R in Russia, AMSAT-France
> and AMSAT-India.
> How many by AMSAT-UK ?

Had we had time, we would have loved to have had the opportunity to fly a
linear transponder on SSETI Express but we only had a few months available
to us, and in view of this we concentrated on using as many readily
available parts as possible, and we kept our design as simple as possible.

Early on in AMSAT-UK's involvement in SSETI Express, we saw the possibility
that a launch vehicle might come out of the blue, so AMSAT-UK began a
separate project to produce an off-the-shelf linear transponder about 18
months ago, the first results of which were demonstrated at the AMSAT-UK
Colloquium in July 2005.

As a result there are AMSAT-UK members closely involved in the development
of linear transponders for three forthcoming HEO satellites, namely P3E,
Eagle and ESA's ESEO program.

73, Howard G6LVB
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