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SatPC32 version 12.5 is released

Erich Eichmann DK1TB has released version 12.5 of his popular satellite 
tracking program SatPC32.  Here is a summary of the changes from the 
What's New file.

1. With previous versions the program showed the AOS times of the 
satellites below and within the world map. The program now additionally 
shows the max. elevation of the next pass.  This will be helpful if at 
the user's location satellites can only be received above a certain 
minimum elevation.

2. For the same reason WinAOS now allows users to define a minimum 
elevation for the calculated passes.

3. The order of the selected satellites (menu 'Satellites') can now be 
changed using 'Drag & Drop' in a list. It is no longer necessary to 
delete and add satellites to change their order.

With Wisat a new little auxilary program can be used for this purpose.

4. At program start SatPC32 switches the satellite transceivers into 
satellite mode. This function can now optionally be de-activated. This 
can be useful if separate radios are used for Uplink and Downlink.

5. SatPC32ISS switches the Kenwood TS-2000 automatically into Split 
mode. With previous program versions that had to be done manually.

6. The automatic Internet updating of Keplerian data files has been 

7. Some bugs have been fixed, i.e. the following:
With previous program versions the direction arrows pointed into a wrong 
direction when the satellite's SSP was close to the date line.
With the 3D view the error message (floating point error) came up in 
some situations.

The program can be downloaded from the author's web site:

The downloaded version is a demo version that requires the user to enter 
their lat/lon every time they start the program.  The program can be 
made fully functional by purchasing a registration code from the AMSAT 
Presently the only way to get version 12.5 is to download it. 
Eventually AMSAT will eventually sell the 12.5 CD.

Existing SatPC32 users may upgrade to version 12.5 for free.  Use your 
existing registration password, or contact me pprivately if you 
purchased a CD that did not come with a registration password.

As usual, I want to remind everybody that Erich Eichmann DK1TB has 
donated SatPC32 as a fund raiser for AMSAT-NA, AMSAT-DL, and AMSAT-UK. 
If you like this program, please support satellite programs by 
purchasing a registration password.

Users of version 12.3 or earlier, please observe the instructions 
regarding the upgrade process.  Users of version 12.3 or earlier must 
install version 12.5 in a NEW directory.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA, CN83ik
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