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cute1.7 telemetry

28 April 2006 0632 - 0644 UTC
cute 88ceb18020002e00569a00
cute 89cfb08020002e004bab00
cute 89cfb08120002e0048a700
cute 88ceb18020002e004ea300
cute 88cfb07f20002e0051a600
cute 89cfb07d20002d004fa300
cute 89cfb07e20002e004dad00
cute 88cfb17c20002e0053a600
cute 89ceb17d20002e005aa900
cute 89cfb07c20002e004baf00
cute 88ceb07c20002e0051a400
cute 89ceb08120002e0048a900
cute 89cfb17d20002e004ea400
cute 89ceb18020002f0051aa00
cute 88cfb07e20002e00519f00

73, Mike

2x18 element Quad Yagi + 20dB Preamp (70cm)
2x12 element Quad Yagi + 20dB Preamp (2m)

DK3WN - AMSAT #9502099

Mike Rupprecht
mailto: mail@mike-rupprecht.de
URL: http://www.dk3wn.info

49 43' N  8 57 ' E
Locator: JN49LR - Brombachtal, Germany
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