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Re: AO-27 Not Heard

Hi Michael!

> I saw posts over the pasts few days stating that AO-27 wasn't heard--I
> didn't hear it on the 20:35UTC pass this afternoon either--was going
> to log telemetry but not a peep heard, even listening for a carrier in
> SSB.

I've tried to listen for it, but have had no luck.  Last time I worked AO-27
was last Thursday (20th).  I e-mailed the 3 AO-27 control ops using the
addresses on the www.ao27.org web site yesterday.  I did not get a
response from any of them, but that web site now shows the current
AO-27 status as "Reported as OFF".

At least SO-50's passes are currently in the same general timeframe as
AO-27's typical passes.  For a little while, I have a reason (excuse?) to
go outside the office and use the radio in the afternoon, until those passes
shift earlier away from the afternoons.


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA
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