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Finally!! my first sat contact

 I just accomplshed the goal I've been working towards sine september of 2005
when I brought home my TS-2000X from the Shelby N.C. hamfest. I got my first
sat contact!  I had an almosrt overhead pass of SO-50 and managed to snag
KI4HXT right before the bird got out of range. My hands wrere shaking like on
my first ever contact on CW when I was a Novice at the age of fifteen! I know
my voice was shaking too. I was so nervous I forgot to write down his name or
 Thanks to some good advice I got on this board, I had purchased an ARR 70cm
mast mounted preamp and the infamous TS-2000 birdie really didn't give me any
problems. I am so stoked right now! My XYL didn't seem too impressed so I had
to get on here and tell someone.
 Now to keep working FM and tackle the SSB/CW birds as well.
 I'll see y'all on the birds!
Michael, W4HIJ
AMSAT # 36017
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