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Thailand 2006 DX Pedition to LAOS

Thailand 2006 DX Pedition to LAOS  During 12 - 15 April  2006  Callsign: 

HS1JAN  Satellite
E21QEB  Satellite
HS0EHF Satellite + HF
E21YDP  HF Digital

HS5IGY Satellite + Echolink CHANG + Satellites Gateway
HS0XNO VHF/HF (144.9375 MHz Thailand only / 7.060 MHz)
JR5XPG  HF + 6M International
Frequency: 1.8,3.5,3.7,7,10,14,18,21,24,28,50,144,430,2401 MHz
Mode: CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK, SSTV, FM, Satellite

TAMSAT will go for DX this time would be in satellites mode and this is the 
second time from Laos. The first time was in 2002 with the call sign XW1HS.  
For the DX from Laos this time during 12-16 April 2006, the callsign would 
be XW1Z which we have a permission from Laos already. TAMSAT group will 
contact through every HAM satellites that travel pass Laos.  We are sorry 
that at that time AO-51 satellite will change the mode to L/U Uplink 1200 
MHz / Downlink 435 MHz so that Ham from Thailand and ASEAN will find the 
difficulty to use it.  Anyway we still have SO-51 satellite that we can use 
even it's not quite good.  Therefore TAMSAT will sent the signal downlink at 
frequency 145.900 MHz through HAMSAT VO-52 satellite for HAM of Thailand and 
ASEAN to receive the signal and report the result of receving for souveneir 
QSL card in SWL.  For the schedule on time UTC of QSO through satellite 
would be as follows:-

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
          SO-50           AOS  01:40:21  FM
          AO-51           AOS  01:47:03  FM
          VO-52           AOS  03:07:12  FM
          AO-51           AOS  03:26:32  FM
          VO-52           AOS  04:44:12  FM
          SO-50           AOS  12:05:40  FM
          AO-51           AOS  12:50:05  FM
          AO-51           AOS  14:27:06  FM
          VO-52           AOS  15:25:44  FM

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
          SO-50           AOS  00:29:52  FM
          AO-51           AOS  01:09:03  FM
          SO-50           AOS  02:10:48  FM
          AO-51           AOS  02:46:29  FM
          VO-52           AOS  03:26:02  FM
          SO-50           AOS  10:55:23  FM
          SO-50           AOS  12:35:36  FM
          AO-51           AOS  13:47:47  FM
          VO-52           AOS  14:10:28  FM
          VO-52           AOS  15:45:00  FM

Thursday, April 13, 2006
          SO-50          AOS  00:58:52  FM
          VO-52          AOS  03:45:05  FM / CW
          SO-50          AOS  11:24:16  FM
          FO-29          AOS  12:48:44  CW
          AO-7            AOS  12:57:28  CW
          VO-52          AOS  14:28:38  FM /CW
          AO-7            AOS  14:52:58  CW
          VO-52          AOS  16:04:32  FM / CW
          FO-29          AOS  22:24:48  CW
          SO-50          AOS  23:48:43  FM

  Friday, April 14, 2006
          FO-29         AOS  00:08:53   CW
          AO-7           AOS  01:12:58  CW
          SO-50         AOS  01:29:03  FM
          AO-7           AOS  03:06:47  CW
          VO-52         AOS  04:04:18  FM / CW
          FO-29         AOS  10:07:40  CW
          SO-50         AOS  10:14:12  FM
          FO-29         AOS  11:51:34  CW
          SO-50         AOS  11:54:00  FM
          AO-7          AOS  11:59:12  CW
          AO-7          AOS  13:50:42  CW
          VO-52         AOS  14:47:08  FM / CW
          VO-52         AOS  16:24:24 FM / CW
          FO-29         AOS  23:13:47  CW

Saturday, April 15, 2006
           AO-7           AOS  00:14:39  CW
          SO-50          AOS  00:17:27   FM
          FO-29          AOS  01:00:32   FM
          AO-7            AOS  02:05:53  CW
          VO-52          AOS  02:47:49  FM / CW
          AO-7            AOS  04:02:35  CW
          VO-52          AOS  04:23:43  FM / CW
          SO-50          AOS  10:42:52  FM
          FO-29          AOS  10:56:33  CW
          FO-29          AOS  12:44:01  CW
          AO-7            AOS  12:50:42  CW
          AO-7            AOS  14:45:40  CW
          VO-52          AOS  15:05:54  FM / CW
          FO-29          AOS  22:20:11  CW
          SO-50          AOS  23:07:38  FM

For our travelling schedule, TAMSAT will depart from Bangkok in the evening  
of 11 April 2006 and arrive at Nong Kay province in the morning of 12 April 
2006s.  Then after that we will cross the border to Laos and will contact in 
12-13 April 2006 at the wall of Vien Chan province. But we think that the 
contact through the satellite will not quite clear because we use only Arrow 
Antenna.  But after the evening of 13 April we will move to contact outside 
the city at KM. 38 from Vien Chan by using XW1A station until 16 April 2006 
then we will come back to Thailand.  For in HF band, we will appoint at 
13.00 UTC everyday at frequency 7.060 MHz in  LSB mode for news exchange 
with Thailand and around the world including the Cross Band as well.

For the callsign XW1Z, TAMSAT can use it until the end of 2006, which we 
have a plan to go to Laos again during November-December 2006 and we hope 
that at that time the Phase 3E satellite will be on duty.

The Supporter of DX
Siam DX Group

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