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Re: AO-51 High Power Mode this week

> And a good time  for  MOBILES and PORTABLES to go out
> and give out rare grids !!!

And try other station configurations.  It's not QRP repeater week, but for me
every week is just that.  I'm still poking around with HTs,an Arrow 2m/70cm
Yagi, telescoping whips, and long duckie antennas.  It was nice to hear more
activity on AO-51's 1711 UTC pass to the west.  Only one new (to me) call, but
lots of stations as far east as Louisiana, Kentucky, and VE5 to keep the pass
active.  I was once again standing outside my office working the pass, this time
with my VX-2R and Yagi, at times cutting back from high power (1.5W) to low
(100mW).  No luck on this pass with 100mW, but I've worked AO-51 with
500mW into a Maldol AH-510R telescoping whip in January, so I think it might
be possible with 100mW into the Yagi.

For the rest of the week, I may also swap antennas and try long duckies,
telescoping whips, etc. while going between my IC-W32A and VX-2R.  At
the same time, I'm getting ready for the S-band downlink next week and
later in the month I will give the L-band uplink a try with an old IC-12GAT HT.
Sure, it would be nice if new operators use AO-51 as an entry point to this
corner of our hobby and then move up to other satellites.  Then again, AO-51
is so flexible it offers a lot of options for some - like me - who
enjoy what this
satellite has to offer.


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA
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