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Journal Articles

Hi Everyone,

Just a note to let all you authors know that I am looking for articles for the
Mar/Apr '06 issue of The AMSAT Journal. I am trying to get the Journal
released earlier in the two-month normal cycle but I've been delayed by late
submissions in some cases. I surely appreciate all the work that goes into
article development but I could use it a little sooner so I'll be able to get
the Journal out sooner. So, fire up those keyboards and get some bytes onto
that virtual piece of paper on your screens! As usual the best way to submit
them to me (especially with high resolution graphics or pictures) is to
"journal at amsat dot org" (you know what that means). I would love to have
your submissions by March 10th or so. That's only a couple of weeks away.

Thanks and please let me know if I can help or if you need information from

BTW, the Jan/Feb '06 issue has been at the printer for 2-3 weeks now so you
should have it soon. I haven't seen my paper copy yet although I get to see
final version in electronic format before anyone. One of the benefits of being
the Journal Editor.


Ed Long
Editor, The AMSAT Journal

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