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Western US vs. Eastern US

Tonight I had a ragchew with Alaska on AO-51 (V/U) and another ragchew 
with Hawaii on AO-07 (Mode B).  The satellites seem much less busy on 
the west coast than they did when I was in Illinois.  Less busy is nice 
for the FM satellites, but I often talk to myself for the entire pass on 
FO-29 and AO-07 (especially mode A).

Listen for W9AE if you need to confirm (rare?) grid CN83.  I hear well 
on 2m and 70cm, and soon I will improve my Mode A reception with a 10m 
inverted vee and preamp, 3/8 wavelength high.  Surrounding hills block 
satellite signals below 6-9 degrees.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA, CN83ik
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