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Re: Question about tones for SO-50

Don Woodward wrote:

1) Never had any problems with it - what else was in the footprint?
Could it be interference from illegal phones in 2M band or other illegal
activity on 2M uplink.

2) Could someone else have enabled the satellite before AOS for your

Wayne replies:

The footprint was northwest of Mexico when I was testing.

The 10-minute timer is supposed to reset every time somebody sends the 
74.4 Hz tone.  The satellite didn't repeat my signal until I sent a 74.4 
Hz tone, so I don't think anybody else had used the satellite in the 
previous 10 minutes.

I was testing with very low power at the time, so maybe a fade caused 
the satellite to lose my 67 Hz tone.  It's a shame the satellite doesn't 
have a long squelch tail to make the squelch immune to momentary fades. 
  I'll try again soon to see if it decodes my tone more reliably when I 
run much higher uplink power.  After coax loss, I can put up to 35W into 
my 7x7 RHCP yagi.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oredon, USA, CN83ik
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