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Re: Question about tones for SO-50

On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 00:46 -0600, Wayne Estes wrote:
> 1. Is it common for the satellite to NOT reliably decode the 67 Hz
> tone? 
>       I didn't hear anybody but myself, so I don't think my uplink 
> signal "collided" with other stations.
> 2. Does the satellite reliably stay on for 10 minutes after decoding
> the 
> 74 Hz tone?  It seemed to me that the satellite turned off after less 
> than 10 minutes.
> 3. Is the FT-847 known to generate reliable subaudible tones with the 
> correct deviation?  (I don't use tones for anything else, and I don't 
> have equipment to measure the deviation)

Don replies:

1) Never had any problems with it - what else was in the footprint?
Could it be interference from illegal phones in 2M band or other illegal
activity on 2M uplink.

2) Could someone else have enabled the satellite before AOS for your

3) See 1 above.


Don Woodward
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