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RE: Eagle MechanicalUupdate

To All..

The Eagle mechanical team composed of Bob Davis, KF4KSS, Fred Parker, KF0AK,
and Dick Jansson, WD4FAB, have worked intensely to prove the design of the
module housings for the satellite electronics. These designs have been on the
books for more than four years, since the commencement of this HEO effort. The
design features of the modules drew from our experiences in the AO-40
construction effort.

This recent process involved the development of machining and fabrication
fixtures, jigs, CNC codes, and processes. The effort consisted of machining
trial quantities of module parts. These, in turn, were used to do careful
fit-checks of those parts as an assembly. Along the way a few, but only a very
few, design changes and adjustments had to be made to the parts and drawings.
Other than these small changes, the machining and assembly steps all went very
much as had been planned from the concept of the module drawings.

The conclusions drawn from this effort are that we have some real hardware
that provide us with a solid confidence of having a flight-worthy module
design suitable for use in Eagle.

Dick Jansson
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