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Frequency display in transparent tuning

Quoting Jerry W <k0hzi.mn@gmail.com>:

> Sil,
> Patrick Lindecker, F6CTE has added DominoEX with FEC to Multipsk.
> This may be a better interface than the DominoEX stand alone software.
> Version 3.13 of Multipsk can be found at:
> http://www.hamsoft.co.uk/multipsk/ <http://www.hamsoft.co.uk/multipsk/>

These recent postings about digital work are very interesting. My first
reaction is that we should specify a frequency on, say, FO-29 where N.A.
and W. Europe wish to try this out. It seems to me that so doing would
reduce the amount of hunting around that one would have to do to find a
digital signal. 

I have become accustomed to thinking in terms of a frequency _at the bird_
because Ham Radio Deluxe prominently displays this value when tuning a
linear bird. As I've been working with SatPC32, I've very much missed this
feature. (It is possible to calculate the frequency from the values
displayed, I think, but that's a different matter.) I now know why I
received confused or vague responses when I asked fellow hams what
frequency *they* believed they were on at the bird! In any case, if all
satellite software offering 'transparent tuning' were to similarly display
the frequency at the bird, it would be even easier for people to make
skeds, especially in narrow modes such as this.

(There are so many things that are being done with user interface in these
packages; I think we should highlight the valuable ones for everyone to
copy :-)

73, Bruce
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