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Oscar 7 mode preference


Regarding AO-7 mode use; I prefer mode b downlink strength but my 20 watt UHF rig and small 12X beam isnt enough to get into satellite on lower angle (DX) passes. I can easily recieve the satellite on mode A with an HF rig and vertical and a VHF all-mode with small beam and amp.
I tried 10 watts on VHF up but that wasnt enough.

Equipment for mode A is common in most ham shacks ( HF or 10 meter rig and VHF all-mode ) 

Old mobile all-mode rigs can be found for reasonable prices for the beginner. HF rigs are common.

Oscar-7 is seriously under-utilized. Hope to see more operators there.

Bottom line; I prefer mode A ( VHF up and HF down )Much easier!

Take care, pat n2oeq

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