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CUTE1.7 telemetry

24 February 2006 1523 - 1533 UTC


cute 88cea6705e40346a66000b

cute 88cfad765e40346964000b

cute 89cfad785e40337166000b

cute 88cfab785e40336a6e000b

cute 89cfab775e40336463000b

cute 89cfab785e40336a51000b

cute1.7 6782000a00000472

cute1.7 6782000a00000472

cute 88ceab785e40337161000b

cute 88cead765e40336a4e000b

24 February 2006 1656 - 1707 UTC


cute 89cead785e40336768000b

cute 88cfae775e40327054000b

cute 89ceae775e40326a63000b

cute 88ceaa6d5e40336b59000b

cute 89cfac765e40326b6e000b

cute 88cfac78fe40326b58000b

cute 89ceae775e40326b71000b

cute 88cead785e4032575f000b

cute1.7 6782000a00000472

cute1.7 6782000a00000472

cute 88ceab745e40326c4b000b

cute 89cfab785e40326a54000b

cute 89cead775e40325c56000b

24 February 2006 1833 -1840 UTC


cute 88cfab765e40326b6.000b

cute 88c.ab..5e40326c62000b

cute 88ceab6a5e40336b61000b

cute1.7 6782000a00000472

cute1.7 6782000a00000472


FT-736R, 2x18 element Quad Yagi + 20dB Preamp
Locator: JN49LR
AMSAT #9502099

73, Mike
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