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Re: Batch File

At 08:18 AM 2/24/2006 -0800, Anna Osborn wrote:

>Hello Folks, I have a problem! How do you write a autoexec.bat file to add the
>   Time Zone for Instant Track & where do you put it? I am running Windows XP.
>   73, Anna ws4z LM 1298

Hi Anna,

Here is an example:


rem ***** InstantTune startup file **************************************
rem     Version 1.10
rem     This file will load all TSR's and start InstantTrack.
rem     TSR's must be loaded in order.

rem ***** Load Rotor Driver TSR first *****************************
rem     dummykct.com comes with InstantTrack and just shows
rem     az/el in upper right corner of screen. If you use
rem     a real rotor driver, replace the next line with the
rem     name of the driver TSR.
rem dummykct.com

rem ***** Load OrbitDRV TSR next ***********************************
rem     Replace next line with "orbitncp.exe" if you do not have a
rem     math coprocessor.

rem ***** Load InstantTune driver last *****************************
rem     InstantTune does not use a math coprocessor
itune load

rem ***** Start up InstantTrack ************************************
rem     Replace next line with "itncp.exe" if you do not
rem     have a math coprocessor

rem  Enjoy!


I call this file itstart.bat and run it to start from WinXP (or
any other Windows or DOS version.) You can also select an icon or use the
one supplied with InstantTune to run it from the "start" menu. Use
this for "properties" cmdline:

command.com /k itstart.bat

Also, make sure to change the "properties" memory to use "AUTO"
instead of 256K max if you want the graphics to display correctly.

Tony AA2TX
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