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Re: Cute 1.7 Telemetry

On 24 Feb 2006 at 10:28, Colin Hurst wrote:

The following data was obtained using the Cute-1.7 CW Checker (Ver 0.4)
Insert the last 22 characters of the telemetry string (28 chars) into the Housekeeping entry.
The first 6 characters are DTMF Command string.
Manually checked the voltage and temp readings using formulae from Cute1.7 
website to confirm validity of this method.
Colin VK5HI.


Here what i gor from the early morning pass here.

Battert temp at 96C probably wrong as the board temp.
Cute-1.7 + APD CW House Keeping Status

Data = 89cea2785e4055694f980f

Voltage of 3.3V system is 3.309 [V]
Voltage of 5V system is 4.976 [V]
Voltage of battery is 3.913 [V]
Voltage of main bus is 4.348 [V]
Length of SRLL is 94
Temperature of communication board is 55.843 ['C] This value may not be 
Temperature of battery is96.427 ['C]
Current of battery is -0.251 [A]
S meter of 144MHz is 0.954 [V]
S meter of 1.2GHz is 1.836 [V]

APD 3.3V A power is turned off
APD 3.3V B power is turned off
APD main power is turned off
DAQ power is turned off
USB2Serial converter power is turned on
TH-59 power is turned on
CW power is turned on
DJ-C5(TX) power is turned on

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur 
that holds the license."

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