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Mode A v is-a-vis mode-B.

Hi All,
        Re: the mode-A v mode-B debate.

The AO-7 log  <http://www.planetemily.com/ao7/ao7log.php> speaks for itself 
... especially considering the satellite has switched between modes A & B 
every 24 hours for the last few weeks.

Of course, the equipment available in the shack has something to do with it 
but none-the-less, the entries in the log speak for themselves as to which 
of the two modes is the more popular among the general populace of amateur 
satellite operators.

(The experienced operators are of course aware of other reasons why mode-B 
is preferred).

Just thought I'd bring this interesting fact it to your attention.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>
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