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CUTE-1.7 reception


Can I receive CUTE-1.7's CW telem with a Kenwood D700a?  I listened during
a 35deg pass for me yesterday around 2015z, but all I was able to detect
was intermittent full quieting in the manner of CW, but since the
"logic" was inverted (noise = no signal, silence = signal), I wasn't able
to make sense of it.

I was receiving with the 7ele 70cm 1/2 of an Arrow II 146/437-10 and using
FM mode.  I switched to the 70cm sub-band on band A and changed reception
mode to AM, but the pass was essentially over by the time I figured out AM
is only on band A.

Should I be listening at 437.385MHz +/- doppler FM or AM?  I don't have
SSB/CW rigs on anything higher than 6m.


73 de Rich N3WWN
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