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Cute-1.7 + APD current status

Dear members,

Thank you so much for reporting the Cute-1.7 + APD CW signal.
Your reports are very helpful to us.
We would like to inform the current and past satellite status.
I'm sorry for not writing so frequently until today.

22nd Feb, Morning (JST)
From many reports of AMSAT members, we found that the satellite 
CPU has a problem which causes CW house keeping frame not to be sent.
We could not get the important house keeping data such as voltage, 
current, and temperature. We decided to operate the satellite 
with packet.

23rd Feb, Morning (JST)
We confirmed that the satellite' s packet transmitter and receiver 
were working well. We were assisted by many JAMSAT members' stations 
because our station received strong QRM to decode only 2 packets.
We decided to get house keeping data with packet for a few days 
to confirm the power generation is larger than consumption. 
And after we confirmed that, we should shift to the next phase.

23rd Feb, Evening (JST)
We thought that the CW power might become lower than before.
Other stations' reports said the same things.
We stopped the power supply to C&DH-ASM board to decrease the power 
consumption and sent a command which forces the CW telemetry 
to be transmitted. The university of Tokyo station received 
the CW house keeping telemetry and we found that the battery 
voltage was very low. But we also confirmed the battery 
to be getting charged.

We are planning the following operation tomorrow,
1. Send a command which forces the CW telemetry to be transmitted.

Then CW house keeping frame will have to be transmitted 
to be able to listen the house keeping data all over the world. 
If you copy the Cute-1.7 + APD ’s CW frame, we are very glad 
to receive the data. 

Thank very much for your cooperation!

Kuniyuki Omagari,
Cute-1.7 + APD development team.
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