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Re: Re: (NOT) CUTE-1.7 = No.28939 ?

Hi Mike, Mineo and Cute Sat  team,

Confirmed Keps #28941 Object C was the best fit for me here in  Wales at AOS 
19:09 LOS 19.17 right down to the second.

1. Chris J.  Dixon
2. chrisgw6kzz at aol.com
4. 22/02/2006
5.  Time: AOS 19.09 UTC / LOS 19.17 UTC (GMT) (Keplers #28941 (Object C)
6. Long.  3.971810 West, Lat. 51.790280 North, Lat 90 Metres ASL
7. South Wales,  UK
8. CW
9. Satellite & PDA Status 6782000a00000032
10. TS-790E  (Modified for high-speed data >153 KB), Tri-band Omni antenna 
multiplexed  with Landwehr mast head pre-amp and Andrews 4/50 hard wire cabling.

Still  some deep fading in signal but readable even on an omni-directional 
antenna with  a masthead pre-amp. Was using Hamscope software for the CW and had 
a full lock  on signal from satellite even with the deep fading. Using Wisp 
for tracking  though hand tuned the radio.

Good to see another successful mission, well  done Cute Sat team.


In a message dated  22/02/2006 19:03:36 GMT Standard Time, 
mail@mike-rupprecht.de writes:
Hi  Mineo, 

best matches with Keps #28941 (Object C) from AOS to LOS strong  signal. 

Heard from 1733 - 1745 UTC - 13 x "cute 1.7 6782000a00000032"  

73, Mike 

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