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Re: School demo on 4 March 2006

Hi Brock!

> I will be on for for both passes of AO-51  always happy  to work
> school stations.  hopefully the guys will  give you space and
> contacts.  This is the future of amateur radio  Kids love space and
> satellites. I always take along a selection of QSL cards  for the
> kids to look at.

The first of those passes, starting at 1650 UTC, will start just before the
school is open.  There may be some people filtering in toward the end of
the pass, but there should be people - not just kids, but their parents as
well - around for the 1830 UTC pass.  I'll be happy to work you on either,
or both, passes that morning.  Too bad the school won't be open until
2200 or 2300 UTC, so I could mix in something on AO-27 as well.

When I did this last year, I brought some of my personal equipment -
an FT-817 and IC-703 transceiver, a couple of HTs, some antennas,
magazines etc. - and laid them out along with a computer running the
slide show my wife presented at the 2004 AMSAT symposium about
the school's ISS contact.  There will be some QSL cards there, especially
those that are space related - NA1SS, R0MIR, SunSat (SO-35) from my
first satellite QSOs in 2000 - and some from my HF contacts with far-away
places.  The room was not used as a classroom last year, but now it is
my wife's classroom - a logical choice, since she's the only one at the
school that can use it.  :-)


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