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School demo on 4 March 2006


On Saturday, 4 March 2006, I will be operating the KA7SKY station as
part of an open-house event at Sonoran Sky Elementary School in
Scottsdale AZ:


The school has had an amateur radio station for almost 5 years, with
a Yaesu FT-847 HF/VHF/UHF transceiver and a variety of antennas (HF/6m
dipole, 2m/70cm vertical, 2m eggbeater, Yagis for the 2m and 70cm bands
with az/el rotator).  The station has been used for a contact with the
International Space Station in April 2004, as well as other contacts on
HF as well as through local repeaters.  More information about the
station and the 2004 ISS contact is available at:

(downloads subject to bandwidth limits)

The open-house event is from 10am to 2pm (1700-2100 UTC), and there are
two AO-51 passes that fall in or very close to that timeframe: 1650-1704
UTC, and 1830-1840 UTC.  AO-51 will have its FM repeater on for these
passes (uplink on 145.920 MHz with 67.0 Hz PL, downlink on 435.300 MHz
+/- for Doppler), and KA7SKY will be active for those passes handing out
contacts from grid DM43.  Besides the AO-51 passes, KA7SKY will be
somewhere on the HF bands and possibly local VHF/UHF repeaters.

If you wish to receive a QSL card for a contact with KA7SKY, please send
your QSL card to WD9EWK (direct or bureau).



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