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AMSAT NewsReel Annual Meeting Part 1

I would like to start this announcement with a very sincere apology to 
the AMSAT membership, officers and Board of Directors for the lateness 
of the NewsReel.
I video taped the Annual General Membership Meeting in October 2005 held 
in Pittsburgh, PA with the intention of  editing the video and
making a number of NewsReel packages to be available on the AMSAT 
website within week or two of the meeting but Murphy strikes. Upon 
returning home from Pittsburgh I had a catatrophic failure of my editing 
system and some of the associated video/audio equipment. My 
electronic/computer problems, along with some personal situations, 
presisted through the beginning of this year. After much "weeping and 
gnashing of teeth" I now have an operational editing facility. I have 
over 40 hours of video from the BOD, General and Eagle meetings to edit. 
Over the next weeks I will be uploading varoius NewsReel pieces from 
this material. With any luck, by the time the Dayton Hamvention rolls 
around I will be caught up and able to produce pieces on a more timely 
This installment of the AMSAT NewsReel is located on the AMSAT website, 
on the lefthand menu, click on the AMSAT Video News box, or the direct link
to the available NewsReels : 


Again my sincere apologies for the lateness of the NewsReel.

Don Jacob  WB5EKU
AMSAT 9052

ps. If you would like to help in any way,  please email    
Also, we are looking for video, audio or still photographs of AMSAT 
activities during Hamfests, club meetings, school/scout activities, ISS 
contacts or whatever. Send an email detailing what you have to 
wb5eku@AMSAT.org  or  newsreel@AMSAT.org
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