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ANNOUCE: aprstlm

Hi All,

For the last couple of weeks, I've been working on a Linux ncurses
application to display the telemetry from satellites such as PCSAT
and PCSAT2, having received the telemetry from an APRS server.

Finally its ready to be unleashed on the world! Well version 1.0
is anyway. It currently only supports PCSAT2 at present.

I shall be adding code for PCSAT (both A and B side), as well as
RAFT and ANDE within the upcoming days and weeks, but I need to
re-arrange and simplfy the code first - While structured, it
needs to be split out into seperate functions.

There are still a few bugs that I need to work out - The "static
data" display in the Binary Command Bits Window is broken for
example, and it doesn't handle losing connection to either its
APRS or predict servers very well.

If this happens, the clocks will freeze. Just kill and restart
aprstlm as a work around for now. Let me know if this is a real
problem for you.

There's also a bug with xterm that means you see the cursor
jumping around all the windows as they update. gnome-terminal
doesn't appear to have this issue. Reports of how other terminal
emulators behave would be appreciated.

I'd very much welcome bug reports. I'm esp interested in, do the
telemetry values look sane, or have I made any glaring mistakes
in my telemetry calculations ?

You can download the source at http://www.xciv.org/~iain/aprstlm/

There is a binary avaliable as well, but it may not work for you, but
and it's simple to compile anyway, you really only need the ncurses and
(related) panel libraries.

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