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SSETI Express Flight Analysis Reports now available

Hi All,

A couple of weeks back the SSETI Express mission pages were updated with the 
inclusion of the Flight Analysis Summary - and the somewhat larger full 
report is also available for download.

I would say they are a pretty good read for anyone interested in what errors 
can be made when designing/building spacecraft and continue the open

The documents also explain why it is believed that there is a finite 
possibility of the satellite reactivating at some indeterminate time in the 
future. The main ground station at Aalborg University continues to listen 
for signals on 437.250MHz with a fully automated system but if an amateur 
were to hear it first that would have exceptional PR value for the amateur 
satellite service.

Genuine "heard" reports should be sent to  missioncontrol (at) sseti.org  - 
Basically one should hear either a burst of 9k6 "noise" every 18 seconds or 
alternatively a brief burst of plain CW carrier.

If you have any questions about this please contact me.

The note about the publication of these documents from the Project manager 
Neil Melville is shown below. We are expecting that Neil will again be 
attending the AMSAT-UK Colloquium at the end of July and  will be making a 
presentation on the project.

best 73 and again thanks to everyone who have given so much support to SSETI 


After a lot of hard work to get it ready the Flight Analysis Summary is now 
available at


This document provides an overview of the flight, including all the 
significant failures, and successes, of the mission.

The full Failure Analysis Report, detailing the specific power system 
failure which caused the spacecraft to shutdown, is also available.

Of course, the main point of SSETI Express was always education and there 
are hundreds of lessons learned which we are preparing to be passed on to 
future student space projects. We are therefore currently designing and 
implementing the SSETI Knowledge Base, which is intended to be an online, 
dynamic, Wikipedia-style, database containing our lessons, procedures, 
problems, solutions, hints and tips. Once the beta version is available 
links to it will be posted. Watch this space!

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