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Few Items for Sale

Parabolic Industries 2.4 to 144 MHz down converter is designed and
manufactured using the latest SMD techniques. An HEMT front end and helical
filters give it excellent selectivity and an average NF of only .6dB. Smart
bias tee will power via the coax virtually any satellite downconverter as
well as protect it from accidental transmission into your converter's IF
output. It will also allow you to set your S-meter to a proper reading of
the noise floor. 200.00 plus shipping


Diamond SX-400 SWR/Power Meter. Excellent condition. Power cable,
instruction booklet,original box and packing . 75.00 plus shipping.


Diamond SX-1000 SWR/Power Meter. Excellent condition. Power cable,
instruction booklet,original box and packing . 150.00 plus shipping.


Dirk Fisher Electronics 100 watt All-Mode 1.2 Ghz 1260-1300 Mhz Model MT-1
3ED100WA continuous full duty cycle amp. Set up for AVT repeater use. Very
large heat sink mounted with 2 cooling fans. Comes with Astron LSRM 25
adjustable 22-32 volt 25 amp metered power supply. Both items like new,
excellent looking/working order. Price is 1000.00 for both units. Units are
pretty heavy for there size.


1.8m aluminum CNC-milled dish kit with boom mount. a high-gain lightweight
and min. wind load dish. All aluminum construction tri-band patch feed with
fixed LHCP polarization ,becomes RHCP when used with  dish .2401MHz ,435MHz,
and 1296 MHz. Heavy duty feed support for tri-band patch feeds.All paperwork
and complete hardware. I will also toss in a Khune 2.4 Pre-amp plus the 12
volt coax injector to power up the pre-amp. Very high gain set-up worked
better than anything else I have run....400.00 plus shipping.


M2 2MCP22 Circular Polarized Antenna Excellent condition 125.00 Plus



3 - 80 Foot runs of Andrews 1 5/8 inch Heliax with Andrews 1 5/8 inch N
female connectors. 200.00 each run with connectors. Plus shipping.


Pictures available on request. Please email direct. HFDXJUNKIE-AT-AOL.COM


                                     Thanks, Pete
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