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PacComm PSK1 and Tiny2 Mk2


A little while ago, I picked up a PacComm PSK1 modem.

Firstly, I could do with a manual/schematic for it. Is there anyone over in
the UK who has a copy that they could lend me to copy. Or better still an
electronic copy!
Secondly, I recall that this modem would receive the 400 baud psk telemetry
from AO-40. Does anyone have any experience using this modem with the FEQ
telemetry that was trialed in her later days? (I assume that their success
will mean that FEQ is used with P3E).

Also, I am still after a schematic for my Tiny2 Mk2. Could anyone help me
(photocopy or electronic) with this. (As far as I can tell, this is the same
board as used in the NB96 modem).

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