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Telemetry reception using a USB device?


I am looking to simplify my station a bit.  What with the switching to
control audio ports, a DSP-2232, sound card programs such as PKS31 and the
hopefully useful again 400 baud Oscar telemetry, plus a few quirks such as
frequency control, and a couple of pet ground loops, it has just grown like
topsy.  What I was wondering, from a satellite users standpoint, is about
some of the new USB devices which seem to have many desirable features.  The
Rig Expert, while pricy, has its own sound card built in, and is claimed to
be useful with other programs using their drivers.  Others use the computer
sound card, but provide the other functions by USB  Anybody here tried any
of these new boxes?.  At some point, we are going to have to bit the bullet
on USB.

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