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Re: Lets reduce false suitsat reports

I would say "false" is somewhat stronger wording than necessary,
since it implies a deliberate intention to mislead .. could you use a
word that is a bit more reflective of the fact that people are only
trying to be helpful, like maybe "spurious"?

It may sound like I'm being a little nitpicky, but I know it made me
a little uncomfortable ..

On Feb 17, 2006, at 9:46 AM, MM wrote:

> Lets try to reduce false Suit Sat signal reports.
> By Miles Mann WF1F,
> MAREX-MG News   www.marexmg.org
> Manned Amateur Radio Experiment
> As most of you know, the ERP level of Suit Sat is much
> lower than planned.  The Bigger your receive antenna
> the better.  If you do want to post a signal report
> with what you heard, great.  Even better if you are
> able to decode some Telemetry information.
> However, if you do not  Hear Suit Sat, then is most
> likely that you just did not hear the Suit Sats 1 to
> 10 milliwatt signal.  There is no real need to post
> information at this time if “You did NOT hear”
> SuitSat.  It looks like SuitSat will last another week
> or so.

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