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Re: # Re: A web search tool that costs you nothing and

>I'm not sure that we can afford to be too choosy. Money builds 
>satellites, irrespective of whose money it is.

Each of us needs to decide for ourselves what we would be willing to do to get
our satellite built. I'm not so hard up for cash that I need to sell out
important principles for a few pennies. 

>If you think that a business division in Hong Kong, under the 
>Chinese government's ever watchful eye, could do anything BUT 
>cooperate, you are quite mistaken.  And certainly don't condemn 
>the whole company because of what ONE of its divisions is FORCED 
>to do.

They could choose not to do business in China, then they would not be FORCED
to do anything.

This was one of the topics on the Diane Rehm show earlier today.  (
http://www.wamu.org/programs/dr/06/02/14.php ) Two items of interest from that
program are as follows:

1. All of the big internet companies with presence in China cooperate in net
censorship. Yahoo is the only one that directly participated in putting
someone in prison. Google elects not to offer e-mail or blog service in China
because they cannot guarantee the safety of their participants. 

2. Google.cn censors searches but includes a notice that there are additional
results that are blocked by filters. Yahoo shows only those sites approved by
the government and gives no indication of any other sites. 

A completely different issue I have with all search engines is whether they
are biasing the results to favor web sites that have paid for higher rankings
or to suppress sites that have a different political or business philosophy
(would you trust msn.com to give you unbiased information about Linux?). A
site that gives away money (remember iwon.com?) has slightly more incentive to
sell their search results to the highest bidder. Google at least separates the
paid advertising from the regular search results. 

I am not trying to be a cheerleader for Google, but merely using them as an
example that even large companies can find a more ethical path if it matters
to them. 

Dan Schultz N8FGV
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