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Re: AO-51 QRP empty

Hi all!

Although I didn't hear much other than VE7JRX and non-ham Spanish on
AO-51's QRP repeater this morning, I did work Mike KI6ADN on AO-27
later in the day.  In fact, I was camped out on there to specifically call
him when AO-27's repeater switched on.  We made our contact, and later
he e-mailed me to say that was his first satellite QSO.  I heard him work
two others later in the pass (W7JPI, N1DID), so he now has 3 satellite
contacts in his log.  I will pass along to him an MP3 of the satellite audio,
so he has a record of these initial contacts. Congratulations Mike!

As for AO-51, I will be on the QRP repeater from outside my office near
downtown Phoenix (DM33xl) for two passes Wednesday morning (1624-
1638 UTC and 1804-1816 UTC).  The regular AO-51 FM repeater has
been hopping with activity and the QRP side has been relatively quiet,
so let's put the QRP side to better use than rebroadcasting non-ham


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix AZ
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