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Help! KLM-ITC-FDK Multi 2000 Xceiver to Mirage B-108 Brick

In an effort to boost my 8w SSB/CW 2 meter base station signal a bit from my
1980's vintage Multi-2000 (made by KLM, ITC,and FDK) I have acquired a
Mirage B-108 amplifier of the same vintage. Of course this is all to work
AO-7 which is just as old as the gear.

My problem...the B-108 will NOT RF key but will key if the 3rd power supply
pin is brought to ground.

Does anyone have the pinout of the 9 pin socket on the back of the
Multi-2000, or know how to force the B-108 into RF Sensing?

This plea is before I buy $30 worth of schematics just to hook up the amp.

Thanks in advance!

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