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Re: A web search tool that costs you nothing and generates donations to AMSAT

Uhhhh...  please note that the article states that Yahoo's HONG KONG unit 
provided the police with the information...

If you think that a business division in Hong Kong, under the Chinese 
government's ever watchful eye, could do anything BUT cooperate, you are 
quite mistaken.  And certainly don't condemn the whole company because of 
what ONE of its divisions is FORCED to do.

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> >BEIJING, China (AP) -- Internet firm Yahoo Inc. provided
>>Chinese authorities with information used to jail one of
>>its users for eight years, an activist group said Thursday -- 
>>the second time Yahoo was accused of helping jail a Chinese
>>user. Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said Yahoo's
>>Hong Kong unit provided information about Li Zhi, a man from
>>southwestern China who was sentenced to prison in 2003
>>for subversion after posting comments online criticizing
>>official corruption..... "Now we know Yahoo works regularly
>>and efficiently with the Chinese police," a Reporters Without
>>Borders statement said.
> Do we really want to do business with these people? Sell out our moral
> principles for a few pennies?
> Dan Schultz N8FGV
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