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Re: Re: [bod] A web search tool that costs you nothing and generates donations to AMSAT

Bruce Bostwick wrote:
> And before everybody flames me, yes, I know most  
> of these ham tools are developed by individuals with limited  
> resources and nobody's interested in developing for Macs because  
> they're too busy building Windows code, etc, etc, but it's still an  
> attitude that turns a lot of people off.  And the ham community  
> doesn't exactly have unlimited goodwill outside its own boundaries.

I'd just like to add that if Amatuer Radio software developers were really 
interested in easy cross platform coding, they could pick up Java and be good to 
go.  And yes, Java can do PSK31.  I've been looking for some FFT and other audio 
processing libraries in Java to make this easier to do, but I've met the same 
kind of resistance for Java that the Mac people get from the windows world.

Ignorance on the subject is only a barrier as long as you are ignorant.  If you 
choose to learn, then you can provide a lot more people the opportunity to gain 
the fruits of your labors.

I've put out my Javecho application as open source.  It uses a GSM audio codec 
(that I didn't write).  It does require some more CPU resources than normal 
because it isn't optimized into assembly.  But, it does do well enough, running 
on a 1Ghz or better machine.  And the great thing is that Linux users and Mac 
users are served by the same codebase and I didn't have to write a single line 
of code different to make it work for all three OSes.

Gregg Wonderly
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