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Re: Re: [bod] A web search tool that costs you nothing and generates donations to AMSAT

I think it *is* worth mentioning that not everyone owns Windows-based  
computers, mainly because this is something of a perception issue in  
the ham community and us Mac folks often get second-class citizen  
treatment when we try to get support for ham applications in OS X.   
It's better now than the OS 9 days (shudder), but not by much.  One  
reason you don't see me on PSK31 at all is the surprisingly  
indifferent treatment I've received when trying to find an OS X  
compatible version of DigiPan -- Mac folks are stuck with MultiMode  
which is tolerable but not user friendly.  Rather than buy ANOTHER  
machine just to run PSK31, I decided the mode was going to be just  
too much trouble and I went on to other things.

I think what gets a lot of people riled on this thread is the  
appearance of yet another "Windows only" perk for hams that none of  
the rest of us get to use .. it's not so much this one tool, which  
admittedly isn't a must have, as it is the Windows-only attitude  
people like me run into on a daily basis.  Even ARRL has essentially  
told me "get Windows and we'll talk" when I asked if they would  
consider converting some of their CD publications to a more cross- 
platform version.  And before everybody flames me, yes, I know most  
of these ham tools are developed by individuals with limited  
resources and nobody's interested in developing for Macs because  
they're too busy building Windows code, etc, etc, but it's still an  
attitude that turns a lot of people off.  And the ham community  
doesn't exactly have unlimited goodwill outside its own boundaries.

On Feb 14, 2006, at 5:40 AM, Edward R. Cole wrote:

> Who gives a rip about what websearch tool or browser you use or  
> whether you
> like MicroSoft.  Those that can utilize this search tool to help  
> raise a
> few more bucks should.  If you can't or won't use it....then send  
> Amsat
> support some other way...geesh my delete finger is getting sore  
> from this
> thread.

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