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Re: TNC availability question - a follow up reply

>I have been overwhelmed by the response to my 
>question about finding a suitable TNC...
>My first choice was the KPC-9612+ TNC 
>it does [not] operate at 300 baud...
> It's  probably safe to assume that the rest of 
>Kantronic's TNCs have the same shortcomings.

That's a little confusing the way you said that...
ALL of Kantronics TNC's that are designed for
300 baud HF work well at 300 baud HF with
the correct tones.  TNC's not designed to work on
HF will *not* work on HF even if they do have a
setting for "300 baud".

300 Baud and the SHIFT used on HF are apples and
oranges.  And many of the manufacturers use
different shifts.  Back when we started HF packet in
1980 or so, we started with 200 Hz shift.  But many Teletype
modems only used 170 Hz shift.  Some manufacturers
do both, some dont.

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