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Re: Re: AO-51 QRP empty


> I concur.  I monitored a 61 degree pass at around 9 o'clock pacific time
> in California.  My HT is only half-duplex.  I said my callsign a couple
> of times, but heard nothing.

If either of you two - or others - can get on in the mornings, I will start out
with the QRP side of AO-51 this week.  I was on this morning and
yesterday, making one contact each time with VE7JRX and nobody
else.  This morning, I heard what sounded like Mexican two-way radios
or cordless phones on that side of the satellite, without the PL to block
that stuff.  I called a few more times after the QSOs with VE7JRX, then
went to the normal FM repeater on AO-51 for a few more contacts.

> I have never had a successful QSO because the "easy-sats" are always
> super busy.  I guess it is feast or famine.

It can be, but don't be shy on there.  If you hear a break in the
action, put your
call out there or call for a specific station and try to make the QSO.
 It can be
done, even with an HT setup.

Good luck and 73!

Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix AZ
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