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FW: [Moon-net] HH DXpedition XE2AT

I sent an email to him asking about to work satellite from HH, I know is a 
very rare DXCC so if all of us send several emails MAYBE he will try 
satellite !!
Good Luck and come on guys all we can do it !!
73 de Al

>From: Wa3hmk@aol.com
>To: moon-net@list-serv.davidv.net
>Subject: [Moon-net] HH DXpedition
>Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 20:24:14 EST
>Hello all:
>      Although not specifically eme related, I do want  to announce that I 
>planning to travel to HH for a VHF DXpedition from  6/17-28/06.  I hope to 
>QRV from 6/18-27.  I will be in St Louis du  Nord on the north coast. Grid
>will be FK39; call will be HH4/W3CMP.  I will  be concentrating on 6 mtr
>multiple hop E contacts, but I hope to have 2  mtr running also.  If I take 
>2 mtr
>equip it will be a 170 watt brick  and single yagi.  I would like to run 
>some 2
>mtr M/S skeds (ssb-old  school) with well equipped stations in FL, GA, SC, 
>MS and NC  within 2000 KM of my QTH.  At this point I will NOT be trying  
>  If this trip is successful I may consider reactivating my portable 2  mtr
>eme array in the future.
>       Since I have been generally  inactive  on 2 mtrs the past few years, 
>am not aware of who the big guns are on 2 mtrs  these days. I would 
>any list of  people active on 2 mtrs  who have multiple yagi array arrays 
>KW's within the 2000 KM radius.
>       For those who don't fall within "big gun"  status or are between 
>and 2500 KM pray for  2 mtr sporadic E.   Thanks and 73.  Chris Patterson 
>ex WA3HMK
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