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Re: Re: [bod] A web search tool that costs you nothing and generates donations to AMSAT

At 10:43 AM 2/14/2006 +0000, G8IFF/KC8NHF wrote:
>Who'se doing the insulting.
>It's about time that the majority realised that Microsoft isn't the ONLY 
>way to go.
>Some of us exersise the choice we've been given.
>If you're happy with Microsoft products, that's fine. I'm not.

I thought this was about raising funds so we could launch satellites
....Like Eagle?
Who gives a rip about what websearch tool or browser you use or whether you
like MicroSoft.  Those that can utilize this search tool to help raise a
few more bucks should.  If you can't or won't use it....then send Amsat
support some other way...geesh my delete finger is getting sore from this

ALL that I am going to say....don't bother to flame me...I will not
respond...this is enough, already! 

Ed - KL7UW
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