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Re: A web search tool that costs you nothing and generates donations to AMSAT

   It is unfortunate to say this, but this toolbar item is worthless to those
who do not run Windows.  Worse yet, this is only for Internet Explorer,
which is one of the most dangerous programs on Windows, in terms of
security.  IE *should not be used*.  Period.

   There is no other program on earth which has the track record
that IE has, is a spyware/adware magnet and in general, givers users
an increased chance of getting little treats from the net.

   I feel badly saying this, because AMSAT could possibly make some
money if people used this toolbar.  Just how much I don't know, but
certainly every little bit helps.  So while I feel like I'm raining on a 
parade here I can't stand by and hear of enticements to use IE.  I'm a 
systems administrator where I try to keep about 80 Windows Sheep from
being sheared by things on the net.  Having my people not run IE (and
Outlook) has likely been the single best move I made to improve security.

   The Firefox and Opera browsers are far FAR safer to use.  Both have had
secuity problems but the teams have come out with new versions, and
have reacted quickly.

   This isn't quite related to sat stuff, but then again it is, given how
important computers are in this aspect of our hobby.

--STeve Andre'
wb8wsf  en82

On Monday 13 February 2006 18:23, Gunther Meisse wrote:
> AMSAT is pleased to announce certification of AMSAT by GoodSearch. This web
> search tool, powered by Yahoo, allows you to search the web using the handy
> "GoodSearch" search bar at the top of your web browser. For every search
> initiated, AMSAT receives about one cent. Given the scope of our
> membership, this could be a wonderful income source for AMSAT. GoodSearch
> has certified hundreds of charities and schools across the country who are
> taking advantage of this new fundraising opportunity.
> To participate in GoodSearch you need to go to
> http://www.goodsearch.com/toolbar/\ and download the toolbar which, after
> installation, will be seen in the upper left of your web browser.
> Once installed, simply enter "AMSAT" in the Charity name field within the
> GoodSearch toolbar, and you are ready to go. When you wish to do a web
> search, enter your search key words in the GoodSearch box and hit search.
> You get the power of a Yahoo search and AMSAT earns another donation.
> Think about it, if we have 1,000 users who do a couple searches per day, we
> could generate over $7,300.00 per year for AMSAT's program of work,
> including Eagle. The sky is the limit, so why not download the toolbar and
> start bringing in donation dollars to AMSAT today.
> Regards,
> Gunther Meisse W8GSM
> AMSAT Treasurer
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