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RE; Suitsat is alive

Just a word of encouragement on non-EME stations and personal observations: I have a simple LEO groundstation (9db yagi fixed at 30 degrees with azimuth rotation plus preamp) and have been able to get some copy from SuitSat on 40 and 50 degree passes. No luck on a few 70 degree + passes. Latest audio is on aj3u.com.

It appears that luck is a factor. Given the evidence pointing to antenna or feedline failure, we may not have a "normal" radiation pattern. So if that's true, you have to battle both rotation, QRPp signals and radiation patterns to hear it. Kinda like putting the fishing line out and hoping for a bite!

Anyway, kudos to the SuitSat team for a job well done. It's been fun fishing for it! Probably more interesting than if it was booming in. Sometimes the challenge is more fun than the prize.

de Joe KC8RAN 
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