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Re: A web search tool that costs you nothing and generates donations to AMSAT - Meisse Reply -

On 2/13/06, Gunther Meisse <gogm@wmfd.com> wrote:
> A.J.,
> I sure did miss this..
> Over 90% of our folks use MIE and quite simply, I never thought of it..
> I was charged up that we had a very simple fundraising possibility.
> Unfortunately, it has turned into a contest about Internet browsers... A sad
> commentary!
> Thanks for bringing the facts to the -bb.

Good idea, Gunther.  Not everyone will like it use it, but every
little bit helps.

AMSAT members, if you don't want to use this search tool, then may I
offer an alternative?  Log into your PayPal account RIGHT NOW and send
a donation over to martha@amsat.org.  It doesn't have to break the
bank.  Send $5, or $10 and you won't even miss it.  If you can send
more, then send more, but send something!  Better yet, specify in the
payment notes that you want this to go towards Eagle!  Let's keep
those HEO efforts going!!!


A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
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