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Re: Re: [bod] A web search tool that costs you nothing and generates donations to AMSAT

Tom Clark, K3IO (ex W3IWI) wrote:
> Gunther Meisse wrote:
>> AMSAT is pleased to announce certification of AMSAT by GoodSearch. 
>> This web
>> search tool, powered by Yahoo, allows you to search the web using the 
>> handy
>> "GoodSearch" search bar at the top of your web browser. For every search
>> initiated, AMSAT receives about one cent. Given the scope of our 
>> membership,
>> this could be a wonderful income source for AMSAT.   
> Gunther -- GOODSEARCH only works with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 
> and Windoze. Those of us who use Mozilla, Opera, LINUX or MAC OS-X are 
> unable to participate.
> 73, Tom
> ---- 
I personally dislike any tool bar add ons for a number of reasons, Tom's 
case being just one good example.

However, if you go to http://www.goodsearch.net/ from any web browser 
you should be able to accomplish the same thing as the tool bar does.  
Perhaps not as easy, but much safer and available to everyone.

73 -- Bruce, WB9ANQ

Bruce Rahn

Wisdom has two parts:
1.  having a lot to say; and
2.  not saying it!
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