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Re: Suitsat is still alive (0737 UTC 13 Feb

ChrisGW6KZZ@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 13/02/2006 11:47:19 GMT  Standard Time, k7rr@arrl.net 
> writes:
> Suitsat appears to remain alive!   Heard both a mans and womans (childs) 
> voice at a near overhead pass of 0737 UTC,  13 Feb 2006.  Antenna was dual 14 
> element circular with
> mast mounted  preamp.  Not enough signal to demodulate using FM but got only 
> one word,  27xxxx using SSB detector.
> Cliff K7RR  CM95 Central Ca at Morro Bay.  
> Same in Wales at 01:00 pass Cliff, signal was heard on a multiplexed omni  
> antenna mounted on the house roof and picked up on Hamscope and heard the signal 
>  OK, sadly some French station was shouting Ohla Ohla for a good six minutes 
> and  even heard the shouting and Suitsat on the downlink 437.800 MHz as ISS 
> followed  a few minutes behind Suitsat.
> Picked up a few signals but could not decode them even though clearly  
> breaking the squelch and TNC threshold.
>  *********************snip**********************
Thanks for the confirming report Chris.  I'm not sure how many less than
EME stations are trying to hear SUITSAT.  Indeed it is difficult but
possible.  One ZL indicated he heard signals on a four element beam by
"swishing" his antenna about until he found the signal.  In some respect
this might be the better way as tracking on any high gain antenna is not
easy.  Since this pass (0737 UTC 13 FEB) had a slant range of less than
400 KM, I thought tracking would be easy.  Not so!  A better approach
would be to set the antenna Az/El to closest range and let SUITSAT fly
into the beam pattern.  Sorry to hear your having QRM problems.  It just
does not make sense to interfere when there is nothing to be gained!
Cliff K7RR
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