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Re: Suitsat is still alive (0737 UTC 13 Feb

In a message dated 13/02/2006 11:47:19 GMT  Standard Time, k7rr@arrl.net 
Suitsat appears to remain alive!   Heard both a mans and womans (childs) 
voice at a near overhead pass of 0737 UTC,  13 Feb 2006.  Antenna was dual 14 
element circular with
mast mounted  preamp.  Not enough signal to demodulate using FM but got only 
one word,  27xxxx using SSB detector.
Cliff K7RR  CM95 Central Ca at Morro Bay.  

Same in Wales at 01:00 pass Cliff, signal was heard on a multiplexed omni  
antenna mounted on the house roof and picked up on Hamscope and heard the signal 
 OK, sadly some French station was shouting Ohla Ohla for a good six minutes 
and  even heard the shouting and Suitsat on the downlink 437.800 MHz as ISS 
followed  a few minutes behind Suitsat.
Picked up a few signals but could not decode them even though clearly  
breaking the squelch and TNC threshold.
Impressed with the batteries and radio system on Suitsat and how much it as  
captured the media and schools attention around the world  this Suit satellite 
is getting. 
I hope that NASA is now also able to determine how long a spacesuit with  the 
equivalent weight of a man can stay in space too. May be with a bit of  
advanced technology you could mount a rescue mission if any one was separated  from 
their space vehicle in a suit, though I guess the air and water would be  the 
limiting factors rather than batteries, debris and re-entry timings?  Not to 
mention the radiation problems.
I would like to see another venture undertaken like this with a little more  
notice and dedicated software and details so even more schools get involved  
around the world with a Internet server allowing those schools without  
communications monitoring it like we do APRS but in reverse in that we monitor  the 
satellites sensors in real time as they are uploaded from radio amateurs.  Our 
grandchildren's schools thought it was beyond their reach, but a few minutes  
to the wise they will next time try for themselves.
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