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TNC availability question


I've been searching for a TNC for quite some time that is usable at both HF
and VHF (for the satellites, which means that I'm still on topic ;) )
frequencies. So far I have discovered that there are only a few
manufacturers and all of their TNCs operate at 1200 baud, or faster, but
none operate at 300 baud with the correct HF tones.

Surely someone must still manufacture a dual band TNC?

In the past I have used a Baycom style modem but since becoming a permanent
traveler, with a laptop computer without a serial port, I'm without packet
radio and APRS. I do have a USB to serial converter, so I will be able to
use a serial TNC.

Can anyone offer a suggestion?

By the way, I'm a Linux user and I cannot get soundmodem to operate at 300
baud with the correct tones.

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