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Hearing Suitsat-1 is still possible for small stations!!!

Hi All,

There WAS much talk of Suitsat-1 not working at all. We now know its still
going. Just very weak.

There WAS and IS much talk that only the best stations or EME setups have
much hope.


I've just (13 Feb, 12:55 UTC) heard Suitsat on my small Icom IC-T90A
Handheld, and using a homemade 4-element yagi. No preamps or special gear.

Just standing outside near the road, and under powerlines, near a wire fence

... And waving the yagi all around in the general part of the sky, with a
printout in the other hand giving Az and El for each minute of the pass.


A few words of a female voice for maybe 2 or 3 seconds, with the radio in FM
mode (only does FM or AM).

Then bits of the SSTV tones over the next 20 seconds or so.

So, no idea what the voice said. And no hope of an image from the SSTV, and
none of the telemetry data ...

But I've now heard Suitsat-1!!! And I'm very happy about it too.

So, before its too late, grab your radio and some kind of antenna and go
outside before you miss out, and Suitsat-1 becomes history. Give it a try.
You may hear something.

New Zealand.

P.S. All my earlier attempts were using my Kenwood TS-2000 connected to an
8-element yagi, and a full Az/El rotator. Results: Very little heard. A few
tones. Some CW. Some SSTV tones. No spoken words. BUT, the antenna does have
near 15 m (40 feet) of RG213 coax, which is clearly too much for Suitsat-1.
The same setup works just fine of ISS, FO-29, SO-50, AO-51 etc.

Bottom line: Take your foxhunt or arrow yagi etc and handheld and go
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